Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"Gratuitous Pastry Shots"

Sorry, too busy for a proper post
Which do you want to eat the most?

15 Responses to “Appease”

Cherry! said...

I think the second mainly because of all the chocolate. And you know how much I need chocolate at the moment....*sigh*

Katy said...

I am right there with Cherry the chocolate tuxedo heart would be my favorite.

Tiffanie said...

#2 because it reminds me of a man, lol

Damn, sill no spice cake.

Sarah Letnes said...

Phos, it's not even fall. Haven't you ever heard that you can't have spice cake in May?

The tuxedo cake looks divine.

Real said...

Okay I would eat the second one first, provided of course that I could keep everbody from eating number 1. Cause I would eat that one next.

jin said...

cherry: I'm feeling bad for you...... :-(

katy: I sell those as 'Groom's Cakes'. That way they get their say as to a flavour. Usually devil's food or red velvet cake.

tiff: I'm feeling bad for you, TOO!!...... :-(

phos: I was going to tell you the same thing sarah said!!! LOL

sarah: *jin whispers so phos can't hear her* I'm so glad you said it first! *giggles*

real: Heeheehee!!! I hope you'd at least share those with your ccg, yeah?!

flatlander said...

I think that the sweet potato rolls look interesting. Secret family recipe?

jin said...

*jin bows to the great almighty flatlander while extending her hands out to him...they are filled with sweet potato rolls...*
"Please try some. They are one of my favourites! My mother has an old old cookbook...the faded orange cover barely even holds together the torn & flour encrusted pages, where-in lies this ancient recipe which is full of protein (yams), moog (oops*mood;-) enhancers (cardamom) & arthritis easing compounds (dried cherries). People seem to shy away from them as they are afraid that if it is healthful it may not taste very good! NONSENSE!!! These taste absolutely WONDERFUL!"

*jin patiently waits to hear flatlander say MMmmm as he bites into the roll.....*

Towel trees and spice cake, all seasonal - go figure...

Joining the party a bit late I know...but had to add my two cents: I adore yams and/or sweet potatoes, so those yam biscuits would be my choice!!

Stunt Double said...


Whoa! I thought I was someone else there for a minute.

jin said...

phos: Exactly, if you ate spice cake all year long- it would go to your figure!

curious: I'm glad! They are quite delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

stunt double: WELCOME to my blog...hey...wait a minute...I'd know those size 12's ANYWHERE!!!
Exactly what's going on here?!
*jin cyberflies to steeltown. investigation is underway.*

Anne said...

Okay seriously..this is a dangerous blog! I have a fascination with wedding/birthday cakes. I own all of these decorating books..but I dont bake. I dont bake at all! I just like to look I guess. Well..I would like to EAT them more than look at them!

jin said...

Hmm...I have a book or two of my own, LOL!!! More like a hundred or's good to look. I don't actually USE most of them. Just look. :-)