Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Whimsical Wish

You've been sweating outside all day...it's so hot. You swear you're melting just like the wicked witch of Oz...but you know what's waiting to satisfy you in the kitchen. It will cool your body, mind & soul. Chill your very bones...is it a beer? No...is it an ice cold can of Blue Sky Organic Dr. Becker Soda? No way...how about a pint of Haagen Dazs Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream? No sir-ry...it happens to be, the one, the only, the genuine original

Ice Cream Cone Cookie
from Uniquely Yours!!! A melt-in-your-mouth butter cookie over 6" in length, dipped in mind-numbing Belgian chocolate and piped chock full of fluffy Vanilla butter frosting...ooooo...do you fill the CHILL?

Star Light Star Bright
First Star on the right
Really looks outta sight
Care to share one
with me tonight?

Bird's Nests
A chocolate cookie
dipped in chocolate
rolled in coconut
Jordan almond 'eggs'

Aren't they cute?
I didn't sell a single one.
Not one.
I never made them again.
I never will.

(pronounced KEEN-deen)
A luscious Brazilian sweet
One of my favourite things to eat
Organic Coconut
Egg Yolks
White Sugar
(has no nutritional value what-so-ever)
I guarantee after one bite all your troubles will be forgotten...
After 2 bites you will no longer remember your name...
The third bite & you're mine forever...

16 Responses to “Whimsical Wish”

Real said...

Food porn mistress I appear to have forgotten my name, but I am ready to do your bidding.

Tiffanie said...

Blogger is being a tad bit moody today, I'm just excited I made it into your comments section - wooo hooooo!

The icecream cookies look "mahvelous, dahling"....

Lesley said...

Mmmmm... food porn indeed! It all looks so good.

I'm shocked you didn't sell any of the Bird's Nests. I think they look really good, and of course I love Jordan almonds.

The Quindin looks heavenly too. I think I've forgotten my name already...

And I believe I may need some alone time after all the food porn. ;)

A Girl You Know said...

everything in this post makes me happy!! i'm almost at the point of skipping town to get me some of those cookies!!

Gnat said...

Now if you could figure out how to make the geiko gecko show up and have one of these cookies with me my life would be complete.


So like, is there inorganic coconut? Just wondering.

The ice cream cookies remind me of one of the few times I go for cake - my wife bakes the cake in seperate cookie ice cream cones, like edible cupcake cups. A little frosting and some sprinkles on top and I am good to go.

jin said...

real: Congratulations!! You made first comment!! You win the use of your name back...for 1 week. Then you must clean my floors & wash my car.
Carry on.

tiffanie: Oh, I HATE when blogger won't let me comment, but you made it! Second comment, too!
Hey, I think you can have an ice cream cone cookie, after all, they match your shoes!

lesley: Thank you, thank you. *jin takes a deep bow* Now, run along & play real nice with your NEW friend!!! heeheehee!!!

a girl: This is GOOD!!
Happy is very good!!

gnat: Hmmm...I'm going to have to work on that one. Don't wait up. LOL

phos: Next time you go to the store check out the ingredients in your "Baker's" brand coconut. It says moist on the package. Uh-huh. It's moist because it's coated with propylene glycol (A mucous membrane irritant, & just downright nasty!).
I just didn't want anyone to think I used that stuff!!! I won't eat it, so I won't sell it.

I've made the cupcakes you mentioned...not a great seller, really. I think they are so COOL! I think your wife should take a pic of you eating them next time she makes them. Then post it!!!
How do you eat through that mask, anyway???

Real said...

Yea, I get to wash your car. And I know how much you love your scion.

btw, your comment to lesley was REAL subtle. :)

Sarah Letnes said...

Is that why I don't like coconut, because I’ve only had the kind that’s been coated with a mucous membrane irritant?

Lesley said...

Hey, I *always* play REAL nice. Just ask him!


I'm a Lucky Girl.

jin said...

real: Be nice or I'll make you wash it without your little black box on!!!

sarah: That's why!! That's why!! Go buy some from the health food store & try again!! Yummy!!!!

lesley: STOP right there!! No details please!! I'm waiting for the video heeheehee!!! ;-)

Lesley said...

Video? Did he promise you VIDEO????

Well, okay. I guess we owe you that much since it was your idea and all...


Real said...

Oh, I have been real nice lately. You can ask her, she will tell you.

You can drink (there's actually a straw tucked up in the mouth piece that fits a special coupling in the top of the canteen. I suppose you could do broth.

Solids are bad, check out the footer on my site - that is from hard won personal experience.

Too bad about those cones not selling, I think they are a lot of fun and it isn't often you can do cake as finger food.

Just thought of you after while watching Nanny McPhee, not that you look like her but rather there is a colossal cake fight at the end. Lovely frosting - colors only found in yarn.

JD said...

lol, very cute and tantalizing. i'll take a dozen. ;) i figure after that, it'll only be a matter of transferring my bank accounts and credit cards into your name, lol.

jin said...

jd: Hey, I can arrange that!!! LOL!!!