Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Virginal Viands

on white
Is it right?
Are they too bright
or too light
or just outta sight?
I might
that the cakes with height
are quite
ok, despite
all that white!

White means pure
but are you sure
you didn't deflower her?
Because there's no cure
to be like you were!

White dress, flowers & cake:
which I can bake,
quite easily make.
Maybe some pics for memory's sake
then I'll try to take
a break
from all this white cake.

What do you think, like it or not?
I do these, an awful lot.

18 Responses to “Virginal Viands”

Real said...

Those are all lovely cakes.
I do not think I could ever choose.

My opinion is that as long as the outside of the cake is white, nobody needs to know what the inside of it is.


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Jewels said...

Wow! I just couldn't stop staring, and studying, the last image. The delicate piping, the structure of the flowers, all the minute details, I can't believe the pulchritudinous confections you create. They are awe inspiring. The amount of time it must take you to pipe all that icing must be mind boggling.

Then again, I always get stared at like I just grew a second head when people hear that it took me "about 20 hours" to make a necklace.....
You amaze me. If you don't mind, I'm going to save that last image to my harddrive, so as I can study it some more. It's inspiring me to create something beaded.

Lesley said...

I like the simple elegance of the first cake, but the second one is very pretty too. And jewels is right about that last pic -- the detail is exquisite!

I'll also admit that seeing the cakes described as "virginal" made me laugh, and I thought "well, I guess something at the wedding should be virginal!"


Sarah Letnes said...

So can you eat wedding cake anymore?

Ah yeah, deflowering. Now a days most wedding gowns come with elastic waists.

Ah well, if you wanted a car you wouldn’t buy it with out driving the old girl around the block a few times.

Those cakes are hot!!

jin said...

real:YAY!!! You win the prize for first comment today!!
Today's prize is: I will eat one cookie in your honour!!! Congratulations!!!

jewels:That's fine to save the long as you give me credit if you ever use it! :-)
I posted another pic of that cake about a month back, the story was called "Bigot".
Years ago the cake was pictured on the cover of a Martha Stewart magazine...I've had brides bringing in the pic ever since!

lesley: HaHaHa!!! I like how you advertising slogan coming on...
"Put the virgin back in your bride, with a white wedding cake from Uniquely Yours....."

sarah: OMG, NOOOOO!!!! LOL...My wedding cake was all cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake, & German Sweet Chocolate cake...regular cake & frosting I can no longer eat. *shudders* I don't even make the French buttercream anymore, my husband does, but I still can't eat it! I've been at this location for 13 years, before that I did it for a year just out of a kitchen, before that in a restaurant....I can't even imagine how much cake & frosting I have made...sometimes I wish I would have kept track!!!

phos: Heeheehee!!! yeah, deflowering...I wanted to use soooo many other words there...but I restrained myself!!!
LOL, I agree about the test drive...I just don't understand all the pretending that they didn't "drive it"!!!

Lesley said...

I agree about how ridiculous it is to pretend there's been no uh test driving going on.

When/if I get married I'll be all "Oh hell yeah, we test drove! HELL YEAH!"

Ummm... what were we talking about again?


We're talking about going to the store for milk and winding up buying the whole store.

jin said...

LMAO at you two!!!
One of my dad's old-time sayings...
"Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free."
(His head is a little dented on one side from my mom hitting him with her cane!)

Real said...

Did somebody mention milk?
Can I drink milk while taking that test drive?

jin said...

I am soooo *blushing* right now real because I've read your blog from the very beginning!

Lesley said...

someone planning a test drive soon?


jin said...

lesley, did I ever tell you about the night David & I met in person for the first time after chatting/talking for 9 months?


Lesley said...

jin, i think i'd like to hear that story...

jin said...

AHEM...I think I'd have to email that one! *BLUSHING*

'nuff said.

heeheehee!!! ;-)

Lesley said...

Oh it must be good if you're blushing!


The Lone Beader said...

Those cakes look yummy. Don't think I'll ever have one, though....

jin said...

lone beader: Thanks!

If you mean wedding used to think the same thing! Then I met "THE ONE", we married within a month, & yes, we had a wedding cake!

You never really know.....