Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flower Power

a rose is a rose is a rose
matters not how the saying goes
these words are simply my prose
don't turn up your nose
the top tier was froze
that's what they chose

a rose is here
a rose is there
damn roses everywhere
what a nightmare
piped more than my share
now you're aware

roses red-no, the roses are all blue
is this really true
turquoise roses for all of you
they look like dodgey glue
or the bottom of your shoe
no more, i'm definitely through

a rose by any other name
would never gain so much fame
buttercream roses, such a shame
to gobble them up & maim
like hair touching a flame
i'm not to blame


How do you feel about frosting roses or real roses?

11 Responses to “Flower Power”

Cherry! said...

What are you saying? I think you ewre talking about roses or something.

I'm personally not into the blue roses. I prefer the real ones! Much prettier!

Katy said...

I love the real ones, It would have to be really good frosting in order for me to like the "fake" ones

Gnat said...

I think I gain weight just looking at this stuff.


Tiffanie said...

I love the real roses. I think the prettiest cakes you have ever displayed on this site are the ones with the real flowers.

fairscape said...


Linked in thru PK

Lovely creations. I've often wondered if people would be interested in having a small matching inedible permanent cake made of some of these lovely new clays to save as a memento of their occassion. Another idea I've had is , can an edible flower like a rose be made to smell like a rose and still taste ok? Also, I've used edible flowers on salads,have you ever used them on cakes? I think they're nastursiums or something. Anyway, I can't bake a whit and everything looks perfectly wonderful. Yum!

I love big fat roses more than the long stemmed kind. But they are all beautiful. Frosting roses are very important because children need to fight over them during birthday parties.

jin said...

cherry: I like a lot of different coloured roses, but blue is NOT one of them! :-P lol

katy: Yes, there are people that "want the slice of cake with the buttercream rose on"! Not me! lol I want the piece with the chocolate truffle on, then I eat the truffle & give David the cake! HAHAHA!!!

gnat: You know what I tell my customers who worry about the 'calories'?
"Everything here is calorie FREE! You pay for the pastry & I throw in the calories for FREE!!!" Heeheehee!!! :-D

tiff: Thanks! I do like those, too. Not the way overdone ones with a bushel of flowers on! lol The ones with a few strategically placed fresh flowers.

fairscape: Thanks for visiting! There a secret to your edible rose question...well, not really a secret I suppose. It's all in the rose. That means no GMO'd chemically perfume sprayed flower. If you get yourself, a REAL genuine heirloom organically grown rose it WILL taste & smell wonderful!!! I have used these once, only(!) to make candied rose petals that were delectible! Recently I received a batch of fresh organic tulips that were, by far, one of the 10 best things I've ever tasted in my life & their scent was PHENOMENAL! I posted a pic & a brief description of them not long ago here:
p.s. I do like the idea of a mini wedding cake replica! I swear, too, to check out your blog when I have some free time...I hear great things about you! :-)

evi: You know, I don't make that over-sweet lardy frosting, so, I have actually, on rare occasion, heard of a slightly disappointed child (the kind that has always been brought up on the 'lardy' frosting) when they bite into my frosting rose & it wasn't what they expected. *sigh* Then again, I have adults that tell me "WOW! That rose didn't stick to my teeth & make them chatter!" LOL
p.s. Thanks for the link! :-)

Looks good!!

I think the maiming part comes after the bride finds out her groom was doing the maid of honor in the cloak room during rehearsal.

jin said...

phos! HAHAHA!!! I was going to say shame on you but I'm laughing too hard! :-D

Sarah Letnes said...

Blue roses have to be genetically engineered, or piped by you. You're saving brides a lot of money, really.

jin said...

sarah: Hahaha!!! Can I type that up & print it for my brochures?!